Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Trusted Advisor Chip Approves the Following Message

Oh Olivia those are great ideas!

That Elle McSealyham picture is breathtaking! You have a look of distant elegance in your eyes. You must have been thinking of ham. Elegant ham! I think that needs to go to Vogue for Anna Wintour to publish.

Now, Chip has been very busy. He brought out an abacus and has been counting and figuring for most of the day.  Really it's just one of those old Connect Four standing game boards but he likes to think it's an old fashioned abacus. I really don't even know what that is. Sometimes I wonder how I come up with this stuff.

Anyway, we have been busy. Here are some fundraising ideas:

1. Sealyham calendar featuring the two of us in playful poses! And eating.
2. Kissing booth. We could charge upwards $10 USD for a kiss. Or we could discount to $5 USD
    if the kiss seeker brings treats for us to eat.
3. A Sealyham triathlon. I think the three competing activities should consist of 1. A ham eating contest 2. A bacon eating contest 3. A toss up between who can fall asleep the fastest and who gives the best loves and licks.

On a side note, do you suppose we need a back up plan in the case we can't raise enough money to buy Bantham. Do you think I should pen a letter to Sir Richard Branson? I've been researching him and it seems he is preparing to launch a shuttle into space for the enjoyment of people who have a lot of money. It sounds like he has exactly what we are looking for-disposible income. I wonder if he is a dog lover? I must do more research.

Oh, I also thought about putting the cat beasts up for sale on eBay. I don't know what a cat beast sells for do you? I think they possess something very valuable called a fur ball. Every time they produce one the mom and dad person jump up very quickly to get it. If that is the case I could advertise them as self liquidating. The fur balls would eventually pay for the price of the cat beast! So it would be a very good buy for the lucky highest bidder. I think I will post the loud orange one for a $5 million Buy It Now, and take best offers.

                                                          Someone please take her.

I have to go now. It's time for second dinner. I will keep you in the loop. Please do the same. Bantham here we come!


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