Monday, 4 November 2013

Traumatic weekend in Olivia's household

hi Panda,

I'm sorry to hear that they have locked you in... you must have been really naughty or that Harvey Potter thing must be super important to them!

I myself had a little bit of a traumatic weekend. We went to see Mom and Dad people's lovely friends who live in that place called "outside London". It must have been far away as I dozed off in the car and only woke up when I heard my people laughing at me... they always laugh at me when I sleep...Seriously, they are so annoying that I'm contemplating running away from home... But not before dinner and they better pack me some snacks for later! I'm not running away from home on the empty stomach! They better start taking my threats seriously or else...

So anyway, we got to Jo and Tony's house and guess what??? Not only they had their 3 dogs but also they got a puppy horse ( well I think it was a horse because it was enormous)! It gets worse... they also had a guest dog staying over... aaaaaa... I was mortified! Do you know how many snacks that lot can eat? And we both know what happens when my Food Dispenser sees other dogs- she dishes out my snacks to them!!!
 See? that's what I'm talking about! She is giving snacks to all of them under my watchful eye! Even to the horse puppy!

Towards the end of the stay I was so exhausted from keeping en eye on her ( and my snacks) that I needed to be consoled...
 just promise that you will NOT give any more of my snacks to those dogs... *sobs*
 It's them... stealing my snacks

When we got home all I wanted to do was to sleep to recharge my batteries and shattered nerves!

Weekends in the countryside are nothing but trouble (but I do like my people's friends and their little daughter. They are all lovely and they say I'm cute ( which of course I know but it's nice to hear it anyway)).I really don't think I'm good with animals and I keep telling my Mom and Dad people that we should not, under any circumstances, consider getting a dog, unless it's one printed on the bedding...
 that's me with the only dog I want...

Anyway, that's all behind me because I'm very excited about tomorrow! It's my 5th birthday and I've heard the rumours that there will be a beef cake with peanut butter topping... I might struggle to fall asleep tonight as I'm buzzing with all the excitement!

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