Monday, 11 November 2013

Sealyham to Sealyham advice!

hi Panda,

What a relief to see that you are back home! Don't you hate it when your people lie to you?
They always say things like: "I'll just brush your beard for a minute and then you'll get a snack" and they carry on pulling your face in all directions for hours (no exaggeration!) only to give you one lousy cookie at the end! Arghh...We need to put an end to this whole lying business! I like your moustache plan...very creative! I hope you'll blame the cats for it! Just pretend you're asleep and they won't know it was you.

 zzzz.. no, I know nothing about that missing cookie!

Over the years, I've learnt that as long as you're not sitting next to the pile of evidence panting heavily and wagging your tail, they won't figure out it was you!

That's a no no. Stay away from the evidence!

I mean, why wouldn't Dad person go through Mom's person bag and rip the plastic container and eat all the tic tacs? Exactly, they would never know!

Mom person is telling me to hurry up so I better go now but will write more after my lunchtime walk!




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