Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Clones alert!

Hi Panda!

Pheeew... what a relief!

We also have that pointless finger, which I'm not entirely sure what to do with. It sort of sits there and looks like it's there to do the job but does nothing.

And that lack of opposable thumb? Are they kidding me? Why? So's almost like we were born to only do hi fives and that's it. Oh, and hold kongs...with both paws.

 nom nom...starter then onto the main course 

Jokes aside, I am a little bit worried...When I got home from my walkies I raced to my food bowl (it's an amazing bowl, every time I come back from the walk with my Dad person I race to it and it has got food in it! Mom person always shouts: "Olivia, slow down or you will choke!") Sorry, I digress. So I raced to my bowl then I turned around and I almost jumped out of my fur! Holy smokes, Batman! There was me there!
Are you me??

At that point I was freaking out...What was going on? Is that me? 
Who sent you here? Are you going to steal my ball? Answer me! 

And then it hit me: Mom and Dad people cloned me! I did not see it coming! I mean I know I don't have an opposable thumb but to try and make a better version of me? That's a little bit extreme! Now I understand why they were brushing me so often, they needed fur for that new Olivia! And DNA... 
Oh dear, oh dear...If that new me could make full use of an opposable thumb and open dog food tins I needed to re-think my strategy. 
Zzzz....think Olivia, think...

But then it came to me: opposable thumb or not, I manage to get on the computer, set up a blog and  steal some tic tacs from Mom person's bag. Sealyhams rock!



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