Thursday, 21 November 2013

It's a kind of Magic

Dear Panda, 

I've managed to calm myself down after the cloning scare. It turned out Mom and Dad people got a cutout of me because they love me so much. Good. I'm irreplaceable and let's leave it at that. 
I still had a scary dream last night. There were two of me and mom person only had one snack! I woke up with a sweaty tongue and immediately checked the room for the second me. Luckily it was only a dream. Pheew...

Can't you also clone some snacks? 

But I completely forgot to tell you the best news ever! Have I ever mentioned Magic to you? No, not the radio station but Magic the Terrier?  He is the love of my life. One day we will totally get married and adopt some cute puppies, like Brangelina. 

Anyway, so yesterday I'm sitting on my chair and thinking of how to convince Mom and Dad person to make my food servings bigger because we all know that what they are giving me is not enough as I'm using all the energy on thinking and being creative (and it's common knowledge that you can't think when you're hungry). I digress again. So I'm sitting on my chair and finalising my case for larger food portions and guess who walks in! Magic and his Mom and Dad!!! I was so excited I carried on running around the room for at least five minutes even though everyone said hello and sat down. I love Magic and his parents are my favourite people in the world (after my Mom and Dad people). Then Magic and I had some quality time. you mind giving us some privacy here?

It turns out that my Mom and Dad are going away to Eataly with Grandma and Grandad because it's Grandad's 60th birthday (it's that country, which looks like a boot I once chewed on and Mom person got very angry about because it was Jamie Shoo or something like that. Tasted like beef jerky to me) and I will be staying with Magic and his parents! Wooo hooooo! I wonder if Grandad gets beef birthday cake... 

I was so eager to leave with Magic that I forgot to give Mom and Dad a lick goodbye. Embarrassing! 

Me and Magic might go abroad for holiday soon, too. I'm thinking France might be a good idea because I love food and so do French people. I saw "Ratatouille". 

 Oui Oui, more ham s'il vous plait 

I will try to write soon  but, you know...I might be busy


Olivia and Magic 

Totally in love. Just saying 

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