Monday, 18 November 2013

I Hate Mondays and Rain

Hi Olivia.

I hope you had a great weekend!

I've never seen a cat beast quite like Cara before. Cat beasts don't have the best singing voice so I am amazed that she is doing so well with the singing thing. She should have someone step on her foot to hit the high notes. That's usually how it works around my house.

Do you really think we could jingle all the way to the bank? Yippy skippy! I have a knack for jingles so I can keep them coming if need be.

I'm not very happy that Monday is upon us once more. That means that dad is off to work and our pack gets split up. To make matters worse it is raining which means I have to go outside in it!!! Ugh!
I have a perfectly good alternate spot to pee on when this happens. It's brilliant actually. Why go outside in the rain when I can relieve myself in the people bathroom on the floor mat?

You would think that I would get a standing ovation for understanding that this is the place to do these things, but no! Mom person always puts me on the guilt trip. "OH PANDA! HOW COULD YOU! WHY DIDN'T YOU GO FIVE MINUTES AGO WHEN I TOOK YOU OUTSIDE?"
I'll tell you why. BECAUSE IT WAS RAINING! It's just too much to bare. And so yes, I will sneak into the bathroom where everyone else goes for these matters but for some reason I am shamed.

This is something we will definitely remedy when we buy Bantham. A large stretch of potted grass will be mandatory in all homes. I'm putting that down in my note pad.

By the way, I really enjoyed that picture of you traveling in the car. Aren't car rides the best?!?!? Did you go anywhere special this weekend?

Talk to you soon.


         If I don't get second breakfast soon I am going after those shoes back there. Friendly warning.

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