Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I've found us perfect country to rule!


I'm excited beyond belief! I think I've found us a perfect country to rule!

I was reading some news in the morning and I saw this place for sale called Bantham. I think it's a big enough country for us to rule with only 60 people to control! That should be handy if we need more snacks.

Now all we have to do is ask Mom and Dad people for some money.

£10mil is not a lot, right? Maybe we can skip one snack each to help them.

Let me know what you think!




  1. What a wonderful Idea! a country populated by Sealyhams !! love it I want to live there!

  2. We love the idea, too! All we need is to get our paws on £10 mil pounds but we are working on together with Chip, our trusted advisor. Maybe your Chihuahuas can help us, too? They look smart! x