Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Elbows. No opposable thumbs.

Hi Olivia.

Boy did you have me freaking out for a moment! I never even thought about our elbows before now. Or our four elbows. No Elbows and four knees? Grrrrr-osss!

So I googled dogs and elbows. It seems we have two elbows and two knees just like our humans. Whew! I am so relieved! I hope you are too. But I did confirm something I've had suspicions about for some time. We don't have opposable thumbs.
NO THUMBS?!?!?!?! That explains A LOT!

No wonder I can't open up cans of food! Or play rock, paper, scissors! This is so unfair. I'm going to have to consult Chip for a bite now.  Bit. I mean bit.  That still sounds wrong. 

Talk soon.


Chip...(squeak) you think...(squeak)...thumbs are important? (squeak) What's that Chip? (Squeak) You think that maybe we should have a (squeak) snack? Best advisor ever!

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