Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Sealyham Crest Jingle

Hi Olivia.

I have exhausted all efforts in locating these pink charcoal things.  I do however have another idea.

How much do jingles sell for? I have my very own special jingle that mom and dad sing to me. I was thinking that it would be really easy for other Sealyham's to insert their names into it and make it their song too.

It goes like this:

Panda Bears, they are the best!
They're very, very furry and they have a white chest!
Mom and dad, they feel so blessed!
To have their own Panda from the Sealyham Crest! (Sing that last part with fervor!)

So we could sell the jingle and for instance, to make it your own, you'd just say "Olivia, she is the best!" for the first line, and then say "to have their own Olivia from the Sealyham Crest!" (Still sing that last part with fervor).

What do you think? I've been watching Madmen since it's inception some years ago and some companies would pay a lot of money for a good jingle like that. Just a thought.


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