Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Capital Idea!

Olivia you are BRILLIANT!

I love the idea of only 60. That plus you and me equals 62. A pack of 62 is definitely controllable.
Do you think your mom person will share her beef cake recipe? We could make sure that all 60 pack members know how to bake it in a moments notice. I like cranberry dog biscuits. I think they need to know how to bake those too.

Do you think we could make trusted advisor Chip a chief counsel member? He should be way up there like the Pope and Tom Cruise.
And you know what? The first two letters of this country are B-A. Do you know what else starts with B and A? BACON!!!!! I feel it in my withers! This is the place!!!

Do you think we could start a huge kennel to repopulate the world with Sealyhams? We could hire those big bird stork things to deliver the pups! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

By the way, I LOVED the idea you gave me of making sure I do not stand by my messes so the mom person would think the dad person made the mess. I'm going to try that the next time I eat on one of moms panty liners. YES!

Off to make a list now. We need some rules and regs. Let's work together to share our ideas.

Talk soon.


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