Wednesday, 13 November 2013

How to raise £10mil...


You're a real genius! How did I miss that HAM bit in it? You know how I feel about ham!

This place sounds just right! And we can insist that each person living there gets cute Sealyham Puppy! That means 60 more Sealyhams around! Result!

Now, the money issue. It looks like £10mil might be more than we thought. We need to do something! Richard Branson is a clever guy and I think he might just have £10mil. He'll  probably ask us to prepare business case. I don't know what this is but it might be like that nutcase we talked about earlier... Can you knit? Surely there must be something we could do to raise money. I can play dead and do hi 5!

 Maybe Chip can be the Secretary of the Treasury? That's almost as tough and important role as being Tom Cruise. Can Chip be trusted with money and snacks? I don't think one of us could do that job as we'd probably just woof all the snacks down in one go and be left with nothing. Would Chip mind if I munched on him every now and then? I just can't help myself when squirrels are around!

Maybe we should just tell people about how rare we are. Mom person told me that I'm as rare as a tiger. She sometimes also tells me that I'm special but I've got a feeling it's not a compliment.

Let's ask around, Panda!

Remember, it's for all the Sealyhams!



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