Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Happy Birthday to me!!!

hi Panda!

I hope you are back from prison now.

As you know it was my birthday yesterday and I had the best day of my life!

I knew something was up when my Mom person carried on baking and cooking until late at night the day before and when I woke up in the morning she said: Happy Birthday my gorgeous fluffball ( it's ok, I like when she calls me cute names, except Smelly Belly, which I am not!!)  and she rubbed my belly. Oh, nothing better than a good belly rub in the morning! Dad person was away on business but that's ok because I knew he would be back later to give me presents!

 So anyway we got up and then she presented me with this!!!!

 All mine!
I was so excited I could hardly sit in my chair but we needed to take a photo!

 My wish is to have birthday every day... and for squirrels not to run up the tree when I chase them!

I had that yummy beef cake for breakfast and then we went to the park and I chased squirrels non stop for half an hour. It was great!!!

Mom person had to go to work after that but she gave me frozen kong to entertain myself. All right!!! 

When my walker Kat ( I know, I know we all laugh at that.. I am being walked by KAT) came to take me out for a walk with my friends I was still in bed snoozing. How embarrassing, but I blame it all on the food I had to digest!  She is German and apparently they are crazy about their sausages. She brought me a sausage to celebrate my birthday :-) it was great!

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and had more cake for dinner! Dad person didn't get me any presents (pftt.) but he asked me: " Did you have a  nice day Boo Boo?" and of course, I did but it would have been better if you gave me a present, you know?!

What a great day. My wish when I blew the candle was to have birthdays every day!


I wish I could send you some of that cake but Mom Person says it would go off... that would be a waste so I better eat it quickly.


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