Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hammy New Year to you all!!

Hi Panda,

What a day I've had! 

The weather was pants so I had to wear my chav track suit. Eugghhh...

 What are you looking at? Do you want me to kick your butt? 

But we went out and Mom person found an amazing stick. 

And we were playing with it until she chucked it in the lake by mistake. *Sigh*

I made it clear I would jump in unless she saves it. So she did. Clever Mom person.

This is some of my action shots. 

 Pretty cool, huh?

I wasn't kidding myself, I knew the wash was coming as soon as we get home, especially after I jumped in a mud puddle face first! 

 Can we negotiate? Seriously, let's talk things through...

Noooo... Not another wash, we had one a month agoooo!!! 

 I hate you. I'm soooo running away from home...after dinner! 
 Seriously, I really hate you! Johnson & Johnson is not going to make it better! 

 Taa daaa!!! 

Mom person knew she wasn't on my good books so she did what all clever Moms do, something that I love, to put me back in a good mood! Frozen peas!!!!! 

 Nom Nom Nom... I love you Mom person!!!

Now we are resting and getting ready to celebrate the end of a great year! I hope 2014 is going to be even better!!! 

Hammy (and Baconny) New Year to you my dear Panda friend and all our friends, new and old!!!

Thank you for sharing 2013 with us. 
You are what makes Bored Sealyham a very happy pooch!!!

Woof woof




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