Monday, 6 January 2014

My New Year Resolutions!

I'm so excited about 2014!!!

I think it will be great and full of ham!

 So far, I've had couple of disasters.
For example, yesterday morning, all of a sudden, my foam ball exploded!
 oh nooo...What's happened here? It just exploded... yes, that's exactly what's happened. Boom!!! *spits out some foam and hides evidence*
And I got told off for eating Mom Person's panettone because apparently it's got some raisins in it and it's bad for me! Pfft. It tasted good and I liked it. No regrets.
I was watching Mom Person's favourite film, Bridget Jones, and dozing off ( the main character doesn't seem to eat a lot, only drinks, so I lost interest) when something caught my attention: new year's resolutions!
That looked interesting! As I already have an awesome boyfriend, Magic, I don't need to waste my time on that but I thought that it would be good to have some goals for this year!
I was so excited I couldn't sleep! Mom and Dad people told me off as I kept walking all over them while they were trying to sleep. I was just too excited to sleep! It's called AMBITION, people!
So this morning I got up nice and early and drove Dad Person to the station with Mom Person and had a walk, breakfast, snack, belly rub and then I was ready to work!
So far I think it looks pretty impressive!
1. Find a way to buy Bantham. Maybe I should write to Simon Cowell or maybe President Obama and ask for their help?
2. Eat less ham snacks food. Eat more peas and carrots.
3. Stop chasing Only chase squirrels when in the park.
4. Stop stealing People's food Eat only food I can reach without climbing on barstools.
5. Find a way to waterproof myself so I don't have to get washed. I saw some shoe sprays in Boots. Maybe I will try that?
6. Destroy brushes. Hide evidence. Convince Mom Person that brushing is evil.
7. Torture Mom Person and find out what she has done with my balls. Find out what happened to ALL MY TENNIS BALLS after my visit to the vet and why are we now only having those stupid exploding foam ones.
8. Design a stool I can push around to get to the fridge, freezer and locked door. I will also need an opposable thumb.
9. Sleep more. It's important, I should have had it as point no 2.
10. Loose weight.. hehe just kidding. I'm perfect.
so hi 5 to my new favourite,full oh ham, year and my New Year Resolutions! :-P
This is an open list so I might add more later. Do you think I've missed something?

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