Friday, 10 January 2014

I'm in trouble again! Peegate

Mom person was left speechless last night. They bought this new cream rug which I've been making myself comfortable on over the last couple of days. Yesterday we were going to sit on the sofa after celebrating my 1000 likes on Facebook and Mom person said: what on earth is that? She then started smelling the rug.
O.oo I know that tone of voice and it meant trouble so I chose to pretend I was really interested in the old episode of Suits  ( I've seen it already . It's the one, in which Mike needs to break up with Rachel although he doesn't want to).
But Mom person called my name straight away! She was pointing to something on the rug and saying: boo boo, do you know what that is? What happened???
I wanted to tell her that of course I knew what this was and that it was a pee patch but looking at her face I knew that it would have been a bad move.  So instead I looked at the patch.  DAMN, IT WAS VISIBLE!
I decided to hide.  I run to the bedroom and hid behind the bed.
The thing is... I'm a big girl and I never pee at home.

Mom and dad person removed the rug and left it in the spare bathroom and I'm not allowed in there.  They are going to have it cleaned this weekend.
And  whatever happened with the Peegate stays between me and the rug :-)

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