Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Santa Paws is coming to Town!!!!

Hi Panda,

I'm so excited!!! I've finally finished my gift for Mom and Dad People. Wooooof!

It was such a hard work because, yet again, people don't seem to know how amazing we are and they don't make Sealy gifts! Only silly ones but that's not the same. Trust me.

So I decided to go on a mission and find something Sealyham related for them.

And no, it couldn't be a clone of me because you told me I'm irreplaceable and it's expensive anyway and I only had some coins I found on my walks.

I like gifts but it's hard to buy me something non-food related.

  Yiikes! Will you steal my snacks? Answer me!

  Nom nom...It tastes like a good pressie!

And Mom and Dad people love food. I saw evidence.

Dad person
 Mom person... no comments. Even I have more dignity when I eat!

So I bought them biscuits! They were Scottie biscuits but I had an idea!
 Imperfect biscuits, marker and one smart Sealyham
 Just hold the marker and let's do it!
 hold still Boo Boo, we need to sort out that silly ear!

 Ta daaaa!!!
I'm so looking forward to Christmas Day when we all sit down on the sofa and eat them while watching Madagascar! Perfect Christmas gift!
Lots of love,
Boo Boo



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