Friday, 13 December 2013

Oh Wowza!!!

You have the best ideas Olivia!! And I am LOVING that you are utilizing the Sharpie marker. They correct a lot of non Sealy approved things and behaviors of our moms and dads.

Those biscuits look delicious!! I think you captured our ears nicely! Now that is a Sealy profile!

Excellent Sharpie Marker Usage!
Me and my fierce profile back in my younger years. 

I don't want to alarm you but your new white stuffed friend looks a bit dodgy.

                      NOM, NOM, NOM

I was very relieved to see that particular look in your eyes as you greeted him. It lets me know you share the same instinct. Just look at his cheeks! 

He seems to already have a mouth full of your treats. Probably your mom person sharing your delicious delectables again. (Shaking my head). When will they learn?

Let's zoom in on that look you gave once more...

                               "What the hell?"

It reminds me a bit of the Dramatic Chipmunk. 

"You gonna draw back nubs if you think you'll be taking any of my treats today!"

Stay diligent! Show no mercy! And on another note. Does he have a squeaker? 

By the way, my mom person has been out a lot lately. She seems to be doing something, or looking for something. She's been very preoccupied. So I've just been chillin.'

"Mom. Don't forget you have other important responsibilities here at home. We need more B & B. Blogging and Bacon please."

Well that's about all I have for today. Maybe I'll get to go to work with my mom soon just like you. That would be awesome!

Loves and Licks,

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