Friday, 6 December 2013

Friday is a work day!

hi Panda,

I'm super excited today.

My Mom person took me to the office today so I can help her work more efficiently. What a clever woman she is.

First, we got a train to work. Me, commuting, can you believe it? Excellent. It was my 40 minutes of fame. Everyone wanted to say hello to me and if I liked someone I would stare at them and when they noticed me I would just wag my tail and look super cute. People persons are so easy to train!

 This train is late. I will be late for work!
Once we got to the office I had to inspect everything and get to know the environment.
ermm, hello, can I have one cheeseburger and some water, please?
 Then I made myself comfortable and took over Mom's person desk.
 I'm sorry, I'm a little bit busy here working on my business ideas. Can you come back later?
After all that brainstorming I needed to recharge my batteries and relax a bit.
 come on, Ball. I can't get to you! Come down before I am forced to use...force!
  nom nom nom...

And I had to say hello to her work colleagues and bosses and check if they don't need a break. Everyone loves to play ball!

It has been one busy morning and there is so much more to come! I'm going to see my friends, Andy and Benny this afternoon. They live in a lovely house with a stream and their Mom cooks the best food!
 that's me with Andy and Benny hanging around, looking for snacks!

Speak later,

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