Friday, 25 October 2013

Why Sealyhams should be presidents of some important country!

hi Panda,

Sorry, busy day today. I had big breakfast to finish and then I whined a lot because my dinner kong was on the table but I couldn't see it and I thought it was dinner time already. Anyway, all good now. They told me it was for later and gave me small frozen kong instead. mmm.. meat popsicles..

I had some filming going on outside our block so had to keep an eye on what they were doing. You can't trust those stuntman.

 Yours truly. In charge of filming.
So anyway, those fluffy things living with you, what do you call them again? Flaps? Cats? yes, so what do they do? I have something similar.. Mom human says that it's my comfort blanket and every evening I pick it up and take it to bed and suck on it.. Very relaxing.. maybe you should try it with your cats? go for the one at the back though...  The orange one looks like trouble... the one at the back looks like he wouldn't care...
 me with my cat.
What was I talking about? Oh yes, so I was thinking that we should be presidents of some important country.
I mean, I can't think of anyone better than us to be honest.... and here are my reasons:
1. We are happy most of the time
 Mom human calls is Chinese Wise Man face
2. We are natural leaders
 see? 1 step ahead of my friend..:-)
3. We look great in pretty much anything
I was humming "no woman, no cry". Bob Marley was my inspiration here
3. We know when to disappear from public eye and rethink our strategy
  here is me, in my safe place, looking at different options
4. We are masters of disguise
 Hello, I'm Groucho Marx.. just kidding, it's me, Olivia.
5. We offer the best high 5...ever
  pretty self explanatory
So I'm currently looking at the map of the world, trying to decide which country we should rule but that map I found looks very complicated..
speak soon


  1. Aw! totally agree ,I so would vote for you!
    I love the high five by the way ( got my Sealyham 's Madoc high five tattoed on my back ) Sealyhams totally Rule!!!
    In my seating room anyway ,yes!

  2. Oh, we are so happy we have your support! Maybe we should ask you to help us with our campaign to buy Banham?