Thursday, 24 October 2013

I'm Sharing My Home With...Cats!

Dear Olivia.

Thank you for the sweet compliment on my coat. I can assure you it is all smoke and mirrors. My mom
works in the professional hair industry and uses dry shampoo and leave in conditioner on me. I actually have a few dread locks of my own. Especially in my beard and under my chin. I like the rastafarian look and wish that she would just leave it alone. I hate brushings too! Ugh!

The picture of you and Food Dispenser is so beautiful! I love that you are jumping! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding! I would love to hear these accents your parents have. My mom and dad sound different as well. They are Southerners and have a bit of a twang. They speak slow and drag out words. It's endearing but sometimes it just bothers me. I caught myself saying bawk the other day instead of bark. It's a bit catchy.  If you've ever watched Hart of Dixie you will find similar accents to how my mom and dad speak.

It must be wonderful to have some dog friends. I don't have dog friends. I just have family friends. And then there are the fur beasts. I probably need to tell you that I share my home with several...cats. I have not yet figured out what they are here for or what they want. They seem to be very covert though. As if they are planning something. They are pretty useless except for when I play Panda Safari and run through the house pretending to be a rhinoceros. I like to pick them up with my nose and flip them up high into the air. It really ticks them off. I guess it's really a release for me.

Here is a picture of me and the fur beasts.

                                                                      I. Am. In. Hell.

The orange one is especially annoying. She is always yapping. She was yapping when mom took this picture. She never shuts up. The gray one steals my toys. We need to make a plan to keep our toys and treats from being taken. Maybe some courses in agility? I'm not very fast. My head is the fastest thing about me. Mom calls it my Hungry Hippo action. Apparently there was a game that had hippos lunging their mouths at marbles and I have a similar feature. Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Just don't take my stuff. Right?

I hope  you have had a good day. I will send more correspondence soon.