Monday, 28 October 2013

Weekend update!

Hello Panda,

I hope you had a nice weekend. I was terribly busy and spent a long time in the car (at least it felt that long because I was stuck at the back seat and whined a lot and, to make matters worse, they put a seatbelt on me!!! Pfft... I was really grumpy. I should be always at the front so I can see better, ideally with half of my body sticking out of the window.  They bought me that thing called "child booster seat"so really, I could see very well, but still, you should always stick to your guns. Never compromise or you will be stuck at the back seat! ( that's a metre.....meta... metaphor!)

So as usual, we went to farmer's market but this time it was in a place called Brixton, in South London. They have lots of butchers and fish places and it smelled so lovely...mmmm... Food Dispenser didn't like it that much until we got to that little Jamaican CafĂ© and we had some yummy food.
Mmm...Goat curry...I was just about to tuck in when Dad took a snapshot. He took quite few of them and I was getting to a point when I had to control my nerves... Everyone knows that patience is not my strong point.!
We then walked around and I was finding the most wonderful treats on the ground and, luckily, Mom and Dad people were too busy looking for that thing called "good coffee" so I could just get on with it for once. They always tell me off and try to fish it out of my mouth. So rude.

I read your last post and I like your thinking! I can tell we will be BFF's. As Mom says, I have a good feeling about it... or maybe she says gut feeling. I'm not sure because of her funny accent... Dad always says that you should use logic and think things through before making decisions... Mom's eyes are glazing over when he says that...

Personally, I like acting on an impulse. Have you heard of 5 second rule? it doesn't work in our household because the minute food lands on the floor I am there like the wind! BOOM!!!
Sometimes I grab a bit of an onion by mistake and have to spit it out but more often,  it's some yummy carrots or chorizo...

Mom and Dad people say that world is full of nutcases. If there are cases surely there must be plenty of nuts, right?  So I guess that should make it easier for us to find that country thing to rule! I will do some more research on the internet and let you know but I am more than sure than England must be full of nuts because there are lots of squirrels in the park. Maybe you could ask Chip if that's correct?

Now, I would like to reassure you about the tail thingy... I think it's normal to have a shorter tail... My friend Meryl has got a very short tail and she can only wag her bum because there is not much tail to use...My tail is longer than hers and I sometimes forget it's there and get spooked by it and need to chase it... Actually Mom person calls it piggy tail. Is it offensive because I'm not sure? So my waggy thingy can look different depending on my mood...
 that's my tail when I'm excited ( I was waiting for my ball here)
  and that's my tail when I'm waiting for snacks and they are not coming...
I also can pretend to be a peacock with. You just have to wag it very fast. I will post a video of me saying hello to the Food Dispenser later.

I must say that I also have a problem with my appearance and  although I don't usually notice it at first, I tend to suffer from chills in my left ear... sometimes I will just walk around and Mom person will shout: "Olivia flip your ear back!" But I can't hear her because it's too windy!

 WHAAAT? It's too windy! I can't hear you!

And don't worry about lies people Mom and Dad say about you.. They exaggerate... like at least million times a day!

Have a good day and talk soon,