Thursday, 24 October 2013

Silly Ham

Good morning to you fellow Sealyham! ( that  name gets me every time, silly ham hehhe).

I was going to email you last night but my people were out  and I went to see my friend, who lives upstairs. Her name is Meryl. She is a Schnauzer. She is alright but sometimes steals my ball when we are outside ( everyone knows that you do not mess up with my ball. If there is anything I love more in life than eating it would be that ball. But she is so quick! I turn around to sniff something and BOOM! the ball is gone! Meryl's Dad always helps me to get the ball back. He is nice like that.)

So anyway, things in England are not much better than in America. When FD takes me out to farmer's markets ( she is obsessed with food, just like me) and people point at me to say how cute I am (on those rare occasions my beard is clean and doesn't have leaves and food stuck in it)  they always say: "is she a Westie Cross? She is like a white Scottie" and my human tries to explain I'm a Sealyham and they go: "Silly what?" *sigh* I mean.. seriously? do I look like a barrel to you? I'm long and slim and so much cuter than those Westies! Maybe it's just her accent... She is from different country called Poland ( funny it has got land in it just like England) but my human Dad is more complicated to explain because I think he is from Korea (is it far from you?) but then lived in Argentina and Australia. They speak funny in Australia... when my people got married recently ( did I tell you I was at the wedding? OMG, I looked so cute! Look )

sorry, I got distracted.. so anyway, Human Dad's family came over from Australia and they all spoke funny. my human Mom's Mom is great. She says that I look hungry and feeds me all the time. She really gets me. Sometimes she gets busy talking ( she talks A LOT) so I have to push her with my paws to remind her of my malnourishment.

By the way, I love your coat! Where did you get it from? And your beard looks so white! My human Mom got upset because we didn't have any brushing in a long time ( I really hate being brushed and washed so I always run away from her when I know it's coming)  and when she tried to brush me it was hard. She said I looked like Bob Marley with my dirty dreadlocks ( I personally don't mind but it's a little bit itchy) and she cut it all off. I wasn't happy...
Can you see my sarcastic smile? She should never be allowed near scissors unless it's to open snack packets.
And I totally agree with you about humans! They should learn a lot from us. They always talk about that Work thing and Stress thing but when we play ball they laugh a lot and forget about it all. I keep telling them that the ball is what they need. We should all eat, play and snooze. Wasn't there a book with that title? I should really be famous... I come up with all those ideas...
Anyway, it has been a long day so I better go to bed now.
Speak soon my Panda friend
ps. Did you know my real name is Polrose Party on ! no joke!

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  1. Oh that is Brilliant! so so true! poor undernourished Sealy has to be fed every five minutes because they say so