Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Oh noooo... I'm FAT!

I'm seriously concerned... I rolled out of bed this morning and looked in the mirror.

My face looked all puffy!

Hmmm... It could have been too much sleep but I laughed it off... No such thing! But then I looked at Mom Person's magazine on the coffee table. It's called Time Flies or something like that. It had Cindy Crawford  on it. She is 48, so that's older than me, and she is very slim and her legs are sooooo long. I think she might be a Whippet, like my friend Minnie!

And then it hit me... did I put on lots of weight during that wet season? I mean I was still playing with my ball but maybe a little bit less than usual? And ok, I had a little bit of ham every now and then but that surely wouldn't make me fat, right?

 Owww nowwww...Is that why Mom Person calls me chubby bum?

I was really worried. I'm going away soon to spend some time with my boyfriend Magic, while Mom and Dad people go on their Hameymoon and I need to look my best!

I decided to try yoga. Mom person did it yesterday (she claimed she couldn't concentrate on it because I kept licking her leg. Whaaat? She looked a little bit dehydrated, I was just encouraging her to continue!).

It did go well!

 What shall we have for lunch?

What do you mean we can't talk during yoga?

  Seriously, that Parma Ham was sooo big!
 Namaste! Are we finished? I'm so peckish!
We had a nice snack afterwards and I think I will be doing some more of that doggie yoga tomorrow! So much easier than running!

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